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After some quiet time I now feel ready again to blog about my adoption journey. The more I speak to other mothers or mothers-to-be I realize that all the emotions I’m going through are quite normal. Nobody knows in what way their life is going to change once baby has arrived so anxiety, fear and sometimes even sadness are all part of the process.

One of the amazing stories I heard at the Adoption Support group. Each last Thursday of the month, Child Welfare organizes an evening for adoptive parents (to-be) and their kids so last Thursday I went. I had a chat with a single lady who had adopted and then a few months later she fell pregnant with her own child. So she was now a single mother of two kids, both under 2 yrs, while working full time. Wow!! I couldn’t believe how relaxed she was and just did it all on her own. My fears just disappeared..


Last weekend I went away with 3 girlfriends to the Wilderness National Park. Every time I travel, I think: Next time we perhaps have a little person joining us… Would that be ok? The more I think about that, the more excited I get. I check if places are child-friendly and if in general it would be a good place to bring a child. Wilderness National Park is a FANTASTIC place for kids. We saw quite a few families with babies and kids. Or perhaps, I just saw them because that’s what’s on my mind at the moment. There’s a big lawn to play, the self-catering cabins and houses are very well equipped and Garden Route mall is only 15km away to do all your grocery shopping. Wilderness is smack-bam in the middle of the Garden Route so day trips to Knysna & Plettenberg and anything in between can all be part of the fun. We mostly stayed in Wilderness , enjoyed hikes up to the waterfall, walk on the beach and enjoyed braais at our cabin.

My girlfriends, all fabulous & beautiful single women, are also getting quite excited about the fact that Baby Lipperts might arrive any time. It will add an extra dimension to the fun. I guess I’m just creating my own ‘Modern Family’ with no husband but about 23 fabulous Auntie’s J. Although I will obviously not be out and about as much as I am now, I do intend to have a full life and go on adventures. For example, we hike Lion’s Head almost each day of the week. We meet at 6am or 6h30 in winter and hike for about 45 minutes. Quite often I see a man or a woman with a tiny baby on their back going up. I think it will be great to teach kids an appreciation for nature and for this beautiful city we live in from a very young age.

I can’t wait to hop in the car and experience the country and travel with a little one. I think it will be one mighty adventure and gives me a whole new perspective. South Africa is such an awesome country and kids are well loved. So keep an eye out for child-friendly travel advice, places to go to, see, do and experience.