Friends, family as well as strangers often ask me this question so I thought it would be useful to dedicate a blog on this.

It is quiet on the adoption front, at least in my case it is. Although I’m as ready as I can possibly be, I’ve come to realize that I might still have to wait quite some time. I’ve just come back from the Adoption Support group. There was a couple with the cutest little boy, 7 months old. He was placed with them about 7 weeks ago.

I was absolutely struck by the resemblance of the little boy and his adoptive parents. He could easily be their biological son. It was amazing. This obviously can only be the case if kids and parents have the same complexion which in my case will not be possible because there are no white children up for adoption. But that’s unimportant now.

What I’d like to point out is the magical matching that the social workers do. It seems they have a gift to match babies with their adoptive parents in quite an incredible way.

A couple of months ago I met up with an adoptive single mother who told me that she was amazed how perfect she and her son ‘match’. At the time she was adopting a friend of hers was going through the process as well. They’d both applied for boys with the same agency. They could have placed the 2 boys the other way around, right? Yet they didn’t and both boys have found their perfect mommies.

Tonight I saw another matching miracle performed by the social workers, where parents and child after 7 weeks, look as if it never has been any different. This was the story that the parents shared tonight at the support group. The little boy has been comfortable and relaxed from day 1 and slept 4.5 hours on the first day at his new home. They haven’t experienced any bonding issues. This family was radiating a sense of belonging that many biological families might not even experience. Isn’t that incredible? I thought it was pretty amazing and I can only applaud the work of Child Welfare.

So there is no waiting list. It’s not a matter of standing in the queue and waiting for your turn. Some couples wait 3 years for their perfect little baby and others are overwhelmed when they receive a phone call only 1 week after their approval. It all depends on the babies and that’s the way it should be. The baby (with a little help from the social workers) chooses his or her parents and not the other way around.