bucket list

We all have dreams, wishes and to-do lists and I really would like to write about all of them at some point. Most of the experiences I’m going to mention below, I undertook when blogging was not invented so I will need to find my old fashioned diaries to relive all those special moments. Here we go:

1. When I was 16 I took a skydiving course on Texel in The Netherlands. It had been on my mind since I’d seen a black and white movie with Judy Garland as a little girl where she needs to jump out of a plane with her Dad and she absolutely loves it.  I jumped 8 times out of a small plane in 1 week and it was AWESOME!! The scary part was actually that I also needed to learn to fold the parachute correctly..

2. I love scuba diving and the meditative state of floating silently through the oceans between the beautiful fish. I became a Dive Master in 2004. I spend 2 months on Koh Tao in Thailand to finish the course. Absolutely loved my time there and would rush back any time!

3. A 10 day silent budhist retreat in Suratani, Thailand. Yes, I spend 10 days with Budhist monks without saying 1 word and it was 1 of the best times in my life. I can recommend it to anyone!

4. Learning a new language. When I was studying France in Montpellier I hated France and the French and decided to take the bus down to Salamanca in Spain to study Spanish. Vamos!! Arriving at 4am in the morning without knowing 1 word was a bit of a challenge but from that moment onwards I absolutely fell in love with Spain and anything Spanish. the Spanish teacher also owned a disco so you can imagine…Couldn’t believe how much you can learn in 1 month. I stayed for 4. Ditch the language classes in High School! Learn it while traveling!

5. Dancing on stage at an Asian party with The Vikings.. Ok, maybe I don’t need to write about this one… pssst…..

6. Starting a business on the other side of the world. In 2003 I moved from The Netherlands to South Africa and totally fell in love with the country. Setting up my travel business and staying here turned out to be one of the best decisions ever.

7. Dropping out of university and going to Hotel Management School instead. Not an easy decision but one I will never ever regret.

8. Traveling alone for 4 months in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Can recommend it to anyone. It is wonderful to travel by yourself and be able to be open to whatever is going to happen that day.

9. Rhino tracking in Swaziland. Wow what an incredible experience. Since living in Africa, I’ve been on many safaris but rhino tracking was absolutely one of my highlights.

10. Hiking the Inca Trail in Peru and finishing with the stunning views of Macchu Pichu, wonderful memories also because I could share the trip with a wonderful friend.

11. Swimming with whale sharks in Mozambique. I still don’t have words for this one, it was so unreal. What happened?

And then there’s some more…