People often ask me: How do you DO all those things with Rosie?? To be honest, I still don’t know what to reply because I wouldn’t know any other way. How can I NOT share the things I love doing with my daughter? I would be very unhappy not to pack our bags and explore. You just have to be a little bit practical.

So when we took off on our 12 day road trip we had: a toy bag, a medicine bag, snack boxes, nappy bag and of course clothes, camp cots and toiletries. Toys are actually the least important, a well stocked cooler bag is the most important. Rosie and Sarah both love bananas, apples and biltong (= dried meat) which all make perfect ‘padkos’ (snacks for on the road). We also had a CD with nursery songs for when it was nap time. Leave pram and strollers at home in case you’re mainly spending time in nature. Rather bring a backpack to carry your child. Mine goes up to 20 kg so it goes a loooong way.

It was great to travel with another mom because we could alternate. One would drive and the other one would keep the kids busy, either by giving snacks, singing songs, sorting out toys or grab the water bottle and make sure they were comfortable and safe. At stops one could do the grocery shopping while the other mom would go to the play area with the kids. Before this road trip I had done quite a few short trips with just Rosie and me. It was much easier traveling with my friend. Rosie now also has the age that she loves to have a friend so it worked out very well. For those nervous about travellng: find another mom or dad with a child around the same age as yours and just GO!! (you can always turn around and go home if things really don’t work out).

You do have to plan a bit differently. 600 km a day I wouldn’t advice. The furthest we traveled was 450 km in one day. We were very fortunate that both kids fell asleep and I just pushed it. Our lunch break was a little too long because the restaurant didn’t get the order right. We still had to drive 400 km after 2pm. But we made it without too much drama.

I really think for a child it is most important that you, the parent(s), are there. They just want to see you and be able to draw your attention when they feel like it.

Would love to hear about your road trip with kids?  What was your experience?