Rosie and me chilling by the pool

Rosie and me chilling by the pool

Oh my gosh! This is how I want to live my life! I’m at Old Mac Daddy Farm in Elgin,, I just had dinner and Rosie fell asleep in the high chair. The Rumpsteak was WAY too big for me so I packed up and put Rosie down to sleep. I switched on the ‘Angel Care’ radio and went back down to the bar to fetch my glass of wine (don’t mind leaving my steak but will finish my wine). And now I’m sitting here on my deck, with this awesome view of Elgin Apple country, Rosie peaceful  as ever and me writing away. I LOVE IT!! The Almenkerk White tastes VERY good, especially with that Ritter Chocolate which was a present from guests from Germany.

So I’m overwhelmed by happiness and gratitude that I can do all these awesome things, that my daughter is an angel baby who seems to be comfortable no matter where I take her and that I’m in a country where you never grow tired of endless views, stunning mountain ranges and beautiful sunsets.

Before we left, I obviously needed to prepare and pack. The 10 most important items for this trip:

  1. Nappies
  2. Bottles with formula (lots of extra powder)
  3. DUMMIES!! (2x)
  4. Solid food for Rosie, portioned (fruit and yoghurt for breakfast)
  5. Angel Care radio to give me some freedom (thanks Manja & Tanja)
  6. Musical toy to put Rosie asleep
  7. Chocolate
  8. Ipad
  9. Lap top for me to write those long overdue blogposts
  10. Sun protection (tomorrow it will be 38 C I’ve just been told)

Breakfast is only served here at 8am so I thought it would make sense to just take a cooler box and stuff it with fruit, bottles, yoghurt, the chocolate. I managed to just pack 1 other bag for my clothes, Rosie’s clothes, Ipad and Lap Top. But then I still had the nappie bag and a tiny bag with some toys for Rosie.

This morning I waited until she went for her morning sleep at about 9am. My car park is quite far from my flat, need to walk down a few flight of stairs and then about 50 meters to the car so I can’t just go out. I needed to wait until she was asleep and then take the Angel Care radio with. But it all worked out perfectly. So I know now what I need to bring for a roadtrip of 2 nights. And I love it here. Old Mac Daddy farm is beautiful. We’re staying in a trailer decorated to the theme of Mills & Boon. It is a romantic  theme but I’d never heard of it. Must be something British or American, I guess. There’s hardly any cellphone reception here so it will be good for me to concentrate on my writing. I really would like to be an ambassador for single parents traveling with kids. Be an example of how things can be done and that you don’t need to be stuck at home, as many people had told me, that I would. Oh, your life is going to change, you can forget about this and that and so and so.  And I just want to experience the opposite. I refuse to stay at home (even if I wanted, I couldn’t, I would die). I love to give Rosie all those different experiences. She LOVES being around people and gives everyone her most beautiful smile. She’s much happier when we’re out and about than if we just stay at home. As long as I’m never far away. Little angel!