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Enjoying a fancy winelands lunch with a baby

My motto with Rosie always is: let’s do it! If it doesn’t work out, we just turn around, drive back home and consider it an ‘off-day’. So far I can’t […]

Family outing to Masiphumelele

Oh well, here’s another blog post that is long overdue. This was SO much fun!! My Dad’s comment was: yes we stayed in beautiful luxury lodges but cycling in Masiphumelele […]

How to plan a single-parent overnight road trip with a baby?

Before planning an overnight road trip, I suggest you go out for the afternoon or day first and see how things go. You do need to be a little bit […]

Bluegum Country Estate in Stanford, what a lovely place!

My Mom and Dad visited from Holland over the Christmas period. They were obviously very excited to meet Rosie and spend time with us. I live in an apartment and […]

Packlist for a 2 day road trip with a 9 month old baby

When packing for a road trip with a baby, a bit of planning is required to make it for the both of you comfortable. A 9 month old baby is […]

It takes a village to raise a child

After my happy clappy blogpost of last week of how wonderful it is to have adopted this wonderful baby who eats, drinks and sleeps like a dream and what a […]