On 24th of January I received the very happy news that my application had been approved. Like I said in my 1st blogpost, I can now expect a phone call from Child Welfare with the ‘good news’ ANY day.. Of course that news put me back into action and I even got a bit stressed out and was scared I would run out of time. I thought it would be good to get the baby room ready and buy a nice bed.  I’m very much for recycling and re-using so I’ve been looking around for a 2nd hand one but it all took WAY too long and most beds on Gumtree were camp cots. In one of the baby stores the shop assistant told me that most people just leave their baby in a camp cot for the first few years. I found that very hard to believe and quickly left the shop. I found a wonderful little baby shop in Greenpoint, close to where I live and the staff was super sweet and super knowledgeable. I might not have time for 6 weeks delivery time so I was happy to hear they had the bed in stock. The next day I went in and bought the bed, mattress with holes and lovely linen with little white sheep embroidered. It was delivered a few days later and the delivery guys put it all together for me in the room. Well, now I can look at the room everyday and start imagining a little girl in this bed. It’s getting very, very exciting and real!! Other things I already have been given by friends are a strawler, a pouch to carry her on my chest and a Hiking carrier J. At the moment I hike quite a lot with girlfriends up Lion’s Head in the morning early so I hope I can share that passion with my daughter. I also bought already lots of colorful toys from a single mom whose boy turned 6 already. Lovely toys. A good wash and they look brandnew!!

Since I don’t really have any experience with kids or babies, I never really did any babysitting, I want to feel a bit more confident with caring and all the tasks that come with that. And somehow, the world works in such a way that God provides when you ask. A friend of mine put me in touch with a pediatric nurse who volunteers at a baby home so this morning I went with her to spend some hours with the babies. Yes, I did change a nappie, gave a bottle, put a little one who was crying at ease and just looked at all these funny little creatures with all their beautiful characteristics. There was a premature little boy, only 1600 grams, I couldn’t believe how strong he was already, holding on to my finger. It was a beautiful morning and next week I will go back again to help out and learn a bit more.

I’ve really been overwhelmed by the love of friends, colleagues and sometimes even complete strangers when I tell them that I’m adopting. Everyone is so super supporting. I’m very grateful for that and I know I will need to call on their friendly offers of babysitting and mid-night cry-outs for help. So far it has really been a wonderful experience.