Adoption has somehow always been on my mind. I was always aware of the many children who need a home and I never felt the need to be pregnant. To want your own biological child just never seemed to make sense, although it is the most natural desire for a woman.

When I became single end of July 2011, I decided THIS IS THE TIME!! I can no longer let a relationship prevent me from what I want. In 2012 I will turn 40 and, as a women, it’s the time in your life, where you need to make tough decisions. I want to have a family and if I can’t have it with a husband, well, then I’m lucky enough to live in a society and country where I can actually create my own family.

First I thought, that I would probably be the one and only single person in the whole of the world that wanted this. A quick google search and I was SO pleasantly surprised to find a whole Support group for Single Adoptive Parents in Cape Town, WOWIE!! Real proof that I wasn’t crazy for wanting this. Others had gone through this and had the same desires and had been successfully adopted a boy or a girl. Wow! I was SO happy! The support group comes together once a month at UCT where we watch a movie about adoption and then it’s possible to discuss things as well. A good first stop for me to get a better idea of what I was getting myself into.

I still had the papers from Child Welfare from a couple of years ago when I went to the introduction morning. I now decided to complete them and return them as quickly as possible. I had a 5 week trip planned from September to Mozambique and Holland and knew this would delay the process so I wanted to start the process rather sooner than later. Besides a whole bunch of questions about yourself (and your partner if you have…), family, background, finances, Child Welfare would also need a police clearance and a medical report. The police clearance takes about 5 weeks but you can already hand in the paperwork beforehand. So I did. And of course I got an invite for the interviews and workshop exactly at the time when I was traveling…. Bummer! Only 2 months later, end of November, there was another opportunity so I couldn’t WAIT!! I really like the fact that Child Welfare works with groups of adoptive parents. So immediately you have a support group and you hear all the different views of people. I loved the fact that our group was so diverse: 2 single ladies, a black couple, a gay couple, an English / Afrikaans couple and a coloured/white couple. WOW! A true reflection of South Africa J I loved the 2 days of workshops, learning from one another and mostly creating an environment of respect for all parties involved: the biological parents, the adoptive parents and of course the child. All child welfare wants to prevent is a 2nd trauma for the child.

It’s now January and I just received the phone call that my application has been approved. AARRRGGHHH!!! This basically means that you have to get ready ASAP because you might get a phone call any time now. It might also still take a couple of months. It all depends on the match making of the right parents for the right child.

PS And while writing this blog I received a phone call from Pastor John who put me in touch with Baby Haven, children’s home in Johannesburg where they might have children that are up for adoption…. Things might happen really quickly. I better get that nursery ready this weekend….