Since the age of 15, attending hotel school was one of my dreams. At that age I’d started working in a restaurant as a waitress and I absolutely loved the service industry. I didn’t mind working when other people had holidays and I enjoyed the comradeship with the colleagues in the industry. So when I finished High School, I registered for selection day. I was excited! The first round was a psychological and personality test. The next phase would be interviews with lecturers and captains of the industry, an assessment and a group assignment.

I never made it to that 2nd phase. I was denied after the psychological test and the personality test. I was devastated and had no idea what to do. I decided to take a gap year and study languages in Spain and France. During that year I lived together with a girl who had just finished Law School. She talked about it quite enthusiastically and since Hotel School was no longer an option, I decided to enrol for Law School the next year.

Gosh, did I have a hard time! The books were endless, the language was SO boring and the friends I made were not my kind of people at all. I was quite unhappy for about 2 years but I kept going.

And then one night at a student party I chatted to a guy from… Hotelschool The Hague. He chatted and chatted so enthusiastically about his school and I was reminded about all those years that I wanted to go to hotelschool and how that dream was shattered a few years before..Critical moment! He encouraged me to try to enrol again and that’s exactly what I did the next day. This time I was determined. I also had grown up quite a bit in the last 3 years and learned to defend myself and don’t let anybody tell me ‘no, you can’t do that’.  I went through all the selection days super easily, had a blast and 6 months later I could start at The Hotelschool in The Hague. I was SO happy! I made great friends for life and had wonderful internships in the Dominican Republic and Miami. It was 4.5 years of great fun and wonderful experiences.

This story thought me to never give up on a dream so easily and certainly don’t let anybody take it away from you.