Going through life we all come across critical moments. Moments of truth, moments where we need to choose, right or left, right or wrong, yes or no, truth or dare. These moments are critical because we often need to listen very carefully to our ‘gut’ feeling, the universe or for some, like me, it might be God. Listening to this inner voice is often crucial for what will happen next in our lives. We sometimes need to revert to Plan B when Plan A is clearly not working out.

Do you know recognize your critical moments?

I can share a few of mine with you. First of all, I’d never heard of this ‘critical moments’ thing until a few years ago. But once I’d heard of it, I could easily define the critical moments in my life. I’m grateful now that I can use this piece of wisdom for when I have my child. I grew up with very little awareness and had to just ‘figure out’ a whole lot of ‘stuff’ by myself. Having this awareness as a future mother will help me guide my child in a better, wiser way. I’m excited!

One of my most critical moments was when the opportunity came up to work for 5 months in Cape Town, South Africa. You have to know that I’d just lost my job, again. It had already happened about 7 times in 3 years. I was exhausted, desperate, depressed and close to a complete breakdown. What to do next? Do I REALLY need to look for yet another job? Start job interviews AGAIN?? And then I heard from this ‘project in Cape Town’. I was intrigued, forgot my depression and send an email to the company that was hiring. These were old hotel school friends of mine and the connection was quickly made. 2 weeks later they were in Holland to have interviews with potential candidates. I was one of them, 3 weeks later I was sitting in the plane, on my way to Cape Town. I could have thought: oh, but what to do with my flat? I just bought it and needed to pay the bond obviously. Or, what will this 5 month stint do to my CV? Will I not miss my friends and family?

There COULD have been all kinds of reasons to NOT pursue this project. Although I did think of all possible issues I somehow didn’t worry about them. I was just super excited. I didn’t even hear all the people who were advising against it.

And you know what? It all worked out. I found a lovely person to rent my flat and my CV doesn’t matter anymore because a 5 month stint became a lifetime of adventure which now already lasts for almost 10 years. I made new friends easily and friends and family from Holland have a wonderful new holiday destination to come and visit me.

So somehow, I got into a flow, a state of mind where I just simply KNEW that moving to Cape Town for 5 months would be a good decision and that I shouldn’t worry about a thing.