I’m so excited! I can’t concentrate on anything but our upcoming trip from South Africa to Europe. Of course I need to organize a gazillion things and I’m a little bit nervous but I’m sure it will all be GREAT!

Our plans are BIG, what do I say?? They’re HUGE!! We’re going for 7 weeks. I haven’t been in Europe for so long in the last 10 years. It will be a great opportunity to travel to some of the beautiful cities I haven’t visited yet. And of course Rosie is coming with me. But then there are a whole lot of practicalities to consider.

My Mom has been fantastic and has already organized a baby seat for the car as well as for the bicycle. Can’t WAIT to go cycling with Rosie. Cycling is actually the only thing I sometimes miss from Holland (besides family and friends and ‘hagelslag’= chocolate sprinkles you put on bread, preferably with THICK layer of butter…). It is such a great way of transport and when you’re in Amsterdam you will see how people take their whole lives onto the bicycle: 2 kids in a little trailer in the back, 1 kid in a little seat on the steering wheel, groceries hanging everywhere and that all while chatting on a cell phone. LOVE that part about Holland. So transport wise, I think we’re doing pretty well.

Europe has very cheap flight tickets which is great. However, with a baby you have other things to consider. Most cheap flights depart from not so well known airports with bad public transport connection and depart at strange times. So you would need a taxi or always have someone to drop you off. Not ideal. Not very independent. So I decided that we will be traveling by train to Munich, Prague and Budapest. I figured, trains always have a station in the city center which will be much easier. I haven’t actually booked that part of the trip but I’m just blurting it out here so you guys can keep me accountable. Yes it is the plan! I haven’t visited any of those cities before and we have friends in all 3 so I’m looking forward very much to do some train travel. I think Eurail is the way to go!

And then there’s the packing… I’m famous for traveling light and packing within 10 minutes until I had Rosie…Now it takes me at least 2 hrs to pack for just 1 simple weekend away. So I’m avoiding the packing strategy for a 7 week journey with a 11 month old baby to several different countries at the other side of the world.. ANY advice is welcome.

That’s it for now. Wish us luck Jxx