I was just reading my other blogposts and I see I haven’t introduced myself properly. Better late than never, here we go. My name is Jessy Lipperts, originally from the Netherlands and moved to South Africa in 2003. Just staying for 5 months in this beautiful part of the world was no longer an option after day 1 so when my projects finished, I decided to stay on and start my own travel company, www.extraordinary-travel. The rest is history. Designing and organizing trips for the Dutch market has been my pride and joy. It’s been wonderful to share my passion for travel and South Africa with so many people.
Towards the end of 2011 I decided I needed to expand my horizon a bit and bought a Bella Donna Finishing Classes Franchise for Cape Town & Atlantic Seaboard, www.belladonnaclasses.com. Education and self-development has always been 1 of my many passions. When I saw the topics Bella Donna offers I just knew my knowledge and skills could be used to the benefit of teenage girls and I wanted to get involved.

I live by myself in a beautiful flat in Greenpoint, love hiking up Lion’s Head in the morning, spending time at Kirstenbosch gardens, have a weakness for Labradors, LOVE my morning coffee and generally just enjoy living in Cape Town. I had the privilege to travel a lot in Southern Africa.

And now, now I’m on a whole new type of journey, the journey of adoption. I think I already mentioned what an awesome journey it has been so far. Sometimes it feels unreal, am I really doing this? I guess because I’m not pregnant and physically I don’t feel any changes, I sometimes need to pinch myself or I just go the cupboard and look at all the fluffy colorful toys waiting to be played with. And then I have these great friends with a fantastic sense of humor. I had to laugh so loud when my friend brought me: An Instant Infant. It’s a pop-up cardboard of a baby, see picture. The packaging says:


–      The perfect baby, All the fun, practically none of the poop

–      Virtually UNLIMITED attention span!

–      Cute as a frigging button

–      Matches most decors J

One and only INSTANT INFANT is unconditionally guaranteed to be safe and gentle with your most precious valuables. Will not tear, stain or otherwise damage clothing. Also safe with all audio/visual equipment.

Oh dear! It’s so funny to have this ‘baby’ crawling on my table and see it smile at me. I just hope that I can exchange it soon for the REAL thing haha!!

Next time I will most likely report from Johannesburg as I will be spending some time there.