Dreaming up trips to new destinations is one of my favorite things to-do. I do it constantly. The so-called ‘bucket list’ is still quite long which means each year some new exciting travel experience is planned. This hasn’t changed with the arrival of Rosie. I just need to dream and plan differently.

When I decided to take Rosie to The Netherlands for 2 months to meet family and friends, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to plan some European travel to beautiful cities which I haven’t visited before. And of course I would like to travel with Rosie and experience some serious ‘single parent travel & adventures’.

All planning and bookings have been done so we just need to get on that first train on the 12th of September. We will visit Munich, Prague and Budapest until 23 September.

This post is to tell you how I planned and which things I took into consideration to make it for Rosie as comfortable as possible as well:

1. I choose to travel mainly by train. Planes are not quicker if you don’t stay next to an airport. Departure times are often not convenient when traveling with a child. 7am or 21pm is sleeping time. When you travel by train you always arrive in the middle of the city which makes it convenient to walk or take public transport to the accommodation.

2. The maximum travel time with Rosie should be around 6 hours and I didn’t want more than 1 or 2 changes with plenty of time to move from one platform to the other. This is what I consider do-able and comfortable for both of us

3. Accommodation had to be affordable, on ground level or with elevator, preferably a spacious, empty room which leaves plenty of space to crawl and move around, bathroom had to have a bath so I can bath Rosie, a kitchen to make breakfast and dinner. I most probably won’t be out and about after Rosie’s bedtime.

4. For luggage I will have my backpack and a McLaren stroller which has some luggage space too. I hope to fit in the travel cot..

5. Here’s my planning:

12 September: Train from Aachen to Munich, arrival at 16h39. We’re staying with a close friend

16 September: Express bus from Munich to Prague, I don’t fancy buses that much but I do fancy ‘express’ and the fact that the ticket was only € 33.

19 September: Train from Prague to Budapest,

23 September: Flight from Budapest to Dusseldorf with Airberlin. The train ride would be 13 hrs which would be a bit much. In Dusseldorf my parents will pick us up :)


23/3/15: This post was still a draft from august 2013 and the trip never happened because Rosie fell ill. We keep on dreaming…