South African roads are excellent!

South African roads are excellent!

Before planning an overnight road trip, I suggest you go out for the afternoon or day first and see how things go. You do need to be a little bit flexible with regards to sleeping time and eating time, I find. I know that Rosie is hungry every 3 hours and I will need to make sure I can feed her every 3 hours. Her sleeping pattern during the day, I never really worry about. She sleeps easily in the car but often is awake for long stretches of time. She sleeps so well at night that during the day she normally only takes power naps. Once in a while she will surprise me with a 2 hour nap.

Rosie went on her first overnight road trip with me after 2 weeks. A friend of mine invited us to her farm in Yzerfontein, Inglenook, which is only 80 km north of Cape Town. This was a great start of our traveling life together because it was only a short distance to cover and she was only still drinking bottles so the packing was quite easy. It was in the middle of Summer which is also easier because I didn’t need to worry about cold nights.

Packing the car is always a bit of a challenge for me because my car is not parked right at my flat. What I normally do, is waiting for Rosie to fall asleep and then quickly run down and put the bags in the car. I’ve also tried to leave her in the playpen which is right at my front door. I thought she would panic when I closed the gate and descend down the stairs but she was ok. A lot also depends on her mood because at other times she absolutely doesn’t accept to be put in the playpen and throws a tantrum. I have to be honest  I can’t wait for her to start walking so I don’t need to carry her anymore up and down the stairs (and she can have her own little backpack).

I was very nervous though, going on this first road trip, haha! We were with a whole bunch of friends which obviously helped a lot. Everyone was keen to meet Rosie although I wouldn’t allow anyone to hold her because it was still early days. With adoption, it is advised to be careful in the beginning and make sure you bond first properly before you pass your baby around.

The day was spent relaxing by the pool and enjoying  a gourmet braai. Rosie was 4 months and couldn’t sit yet. I could just put her on her back or tummy and I brought the Bugaboo (= pram) inside the house as well so she could sit at the same level as us and look around when she didn’t want to be on the floor.

At night she would be with me in bed and I build a wall of cushions to avoid her to fall out of the bed on the one side. (This wouldn’t have happened because I was watching like a hawk the whole night).

Our first road trip was short and sweet and I can recommend everyone to start like that. Find a place not too far from home so that you can simply turnaround and go back if things go haywire. I would also recommend to choose a self-catering option to have the convenience of a kitchen and do meals on your own. Although it is also nice to pamper yourself with a gourmet meal once baby is in bed.. which is what I did when Rosie and me went to Old Mac Daddy, you can read about it here