This is the story of a friend of mine. She’s African/African-American and has a biological daughter (sorry, ‘biological daughter’ this sounds weird but since this blog is about adoption, I thought I should mention it).

This post though is about skin colour and applies to everyone!

Her daughter came home one day telling her mother that a classmate in kindergarten had pointed out that my friend’s daughter was ‘black’ and the classmate was ‘white’. She’s almost 4 years old

My friend then read to her the book about race: All kinds, who cares about race & color? She showed her pictures of a white/Caucasian, yellow/Asian and black/negroid. Then she asked her what color are you? Daughter replies: I’m grey! And decided to create her own category.

We all thought that this was so clever. This little girl has already figured out that she will not accept to be put in any box, just because society has decided this is the way things are. Well done to her!

It really got me to think. She is SO right!! The awareness of race and cultural obviously came from early explorers but the danger of identifying differences is when it is used to suppress or discriminate, which is the history of the world. However, we live in unique times where 3rd or 4th generation immigrants are still called immigrants by nationals eating their diverse food from these different countries, and yet celebrating different holidays together.

We are a blend of cultures and all becoming grey. (The English created the culture of afternoon tea which actually originated from China for example).

There ARE no black people. And there ARE no white people. We are either brown, pink, beige, grey, chocolate, red, yellow-ish or any colour in between.
We are all influenced by much more than just our skin colour. All aspects of our upbringing are part of our culture. Through education, religion, parents, family, friends, travel experiences, books, movies and much more we all create our own culture and we can blend in with whoever or wherever we are. As long as you keep an open mind, be conscious, willing to learn and be respectful towards your fellow human beings.

I would be so interested to hear opinions of the readers! Please comment.