Still entertaining even when ill...

Still entertaining even when ill…

After my happy clappy blogpost of last week of how wonderful it is to have adopted this wonderful baby who eats, drinks and sleeps like a dream and what a chill baby Rosie is, I now have to report back to you. Life with Rosie is still great. However, we had to survive our first crisis last week when Rosie suddenly became very ill.

Wednesday afternoon things were still great and Rosie had a wonderful time at Kidz Discovery Club in Camps Bay. When we got back home she wasn’t even tired and played a bit more. The rest of the day was business as usual until dinner when she vomited all her food. During the night she started to cough horribly. She vomited and she couldn’t sleep flat on her back. So I took her into my bed, sat up the rest of the night to let her sleep on my lap. These were little 10 minute naps before she started coughing again.

In the morning things only got worse. She got lethargic and by 1pm she didn’t want to eat or drink anything anymore. If you know Rosie, you know this is bad news. That was the moment when I decided to go to the hospital and don’t wait any longer. When babies become lethargic it is normally a very bad sign. It shouldn’t be ignored. So I rushed her to Chris Barnard Hospital. All paediatricians were fully booked and they advised me to go to Casualty.

The whole afternoon was spent, giving Rosie oxygen to clear up her chest. She SCREAMED when they put on the mask the first time. X-rays showed that she was developing pneumonia in the right lung but it was still very early stages. The oxygen really worked well and at 5pm we could go home again with a bag full of medication. I don’t like medicating a little baba so I always check first with my brother in Holland who is a pharmacist. However, by then they’d already given her something. At home, Rosie went straight to sleep and slept from 6pm – 1am perfectly fine. As soon as she woke up, things were back to how they were before she had any oxygen. I decided to take her to the hospital again and we were there at 2am. After some oxygen sessions again (each session is about half an hour) the doctor decided she would need to be monitored because she was breathing still very difficult. Her tummy went totally into her ribcage when she was breathing. She was in pain. She also vomited again after she was given medication.

I was very happy we could stay in the hospital. It felt safe and good and here people would be able to make her better. This is one of the times when you can feel quite lonely in all of your decisions that you need to take as a single parent. But I noticed, I just go into survival mode: packed bag in 10 minutes, phone health insurance and then totally just focus on Rosie. No time to waste.

At least we had a lovely view from our room

At least we had a lovely view from our room

At 5am we checked-in at the Children’s Ward where we tried to get some sleep until the paediatrician would arrive in the morning. Rosie still vomited 2 times which was not a good sign.

I uploaded a message on Facebook about Rosie being ill and as much as this might not be the right medium to share messages like this, I found great comfort in all the support messages and ‘get better’ wishes for Rosie. As a single parent, I sometimes need to ask for help from friends and family. I actually would need to ask more often but it is not always easy. You want to cope and you want to be independent. You feel you’re imposing on your friend’s time and busy schedule although I know that all my friends are totally fond of Rosie. That’s not the problem. However, by putting some messages out on Facebook, I realized this is a good way for me to ask for help, in an indirect way.  My working friends with jobs in the area, popped in to quickly bring me a cappuccino or a chocolate croissant (or both). Another friend sat with Rosie for half an hour so that I could take a shower and refresh a little. Others were at home, looking after their own families and keeping us in their prayers. Some visited after work whenever they could. On Saturday, when the streets were flooded, and we arrived home, another friend offered to do grocery shopping so we could get through the weekend.

It showed me that it truly takes a village to raise a child. I couldn’t have done it without my friends. I’m super grateful for having such a great bunch of friends who all care so deeply for Rosie and me.