When packing for a road trip with a baby, a bit of planning is required to make it for the both of you comfortable.

A 9 month old baby is still very small so you just need to cover the basics:
–          Food
–          Sleep
–          Play
–          Nappies, wipes and bum cream
–          3 sets of clothes

Let’s look at the food first. I cook for Rosie, always, but I don’t cook everyday. Normally I cook once every 14 days and then stock up the whole freezer with tiny baby portions of all kinds of mashes in ziplock bags. At the moment she’s having 3 meals a day and 3 bottles a day so when we go on 2 day road trips I normally take 4 meals out of the freezer for lunch and dinner. Breakfast is yoghurt and fresh fruit, same as me, so I pack that as well. I always carry 3 bottles of boiled water and little containers with portions of formula. Food bag: done! Throw some extra bananas in and you can’t go wrong oh and a baby spoon, bip and towel.

Rosie is a good sleeper during the night so I’m very blessed with that. She’s already slept in many different cots and places and it never really was a problem. I live in a flat and my car is parked down the stairs in the parking lot. I’m always aware that I have to carry Rosie AND whatever I need to take to/from the car. So you can imagine that my car is a bit of a storage room as well.

One of the things I keep in the boot, is the baby cot, my favorite new gadget. It is a totally foldable little tent with a self-inflatable mattress and I can just put it on the floor or next to me on the bed. The whole thing fits in a bag as big as a medium sized shopping bag, see picture below. Rosie is totally save and happy in it. I also have a sleeping bag for her. And then of course I always bring her favorite little bunny and a musical toy to play when she needs to sleep.

Perfect travel baby cot, cozy, small and safe!

Perfect travel baby cot, cozy, small and safe!

When we go away for weekends Rosie are a lot out and about. I love to walk and hike so I have a Deuter and an Ergo baby carrier (which I don’t recommend if you don’t have anyone to help you!). In the picture below Rosie is still a bit small for the Deuter but now, she’s 9.5 months, it is perfect and I can put her on my back without anyone’s help.

The Deuter Backpack for hiking!

The Deuter Backpack for hiking! Rosie is still a bit small here, haha!

I don’t usually bring a lot of toys. I discovered that Rosie is happy as long as I’m there and she plays and fiddles around with whatever is there. I do believe less is more and kids become more creative if they don’t always have the latest new toy. Rosie is also very good at playing by herself for 20 minutes or so. She can be totally happy and giggling doing her own thing. I encourage that. She’s not always going to have people around her who will be entertaining her so if she learns to enjoy her own company at a young age, GREAT!

Nappies, wipes and bum cream. Well there’s not much more to say about that one, just that you should bring enough.

3 sets of clothes. I would say 1 for each day + an extra one in case of an ‘accident’. I’ve noticed that I have favorite clothes for Rosie which she wears all the time. I just keep washing them but I just love them so I don’t need cupboards full of other stuff.

Let me know if you have any other essential that you take on a trip but this is my list.