Excitement about first trip to Europe with Rosie

I’m so excited! I can’t concentrate on anything but our upcoming trip from South Africa to Europe. Of course I need to organize a gazillion things and I’m a little […]

My 5 favourite road trips with Rosie

Rosie and I have been together now for almost 8 months and of course it has been a beautiful adventure. She’s a joy to everyone who meets her and I […]

Noordhoek, a quiet village just half an hour from Cape Town

Last Friday night, Rosie and I were invited to come and stay at African Queen Guesthouse in Noordhoek. I enjoy those little getaways always very much so I was happy […]

2 myths about adoption in South Africa

One of the purposes of this web site is to educate people about adoption and take away fears which are mostly based on ignorance. You might have loads of assumptions […]

Enjoying a fancy winelands lunch with a baby

My motto with Rosie always is: let’s do it! If it doesn’t work out, we just turn around, drive back home and consider it an ‘off-day’. So far I can’t […]

Family outing to Masiphumelele

Oh well, here’s another blog post that is long overdue. This was SO much fun!! My Dad’s comment was: yes we stayed in beautiful luxury lodges but cycling in Masiphumelele […]

How to plan a single-parent overnight road trip with a baby?

Before planning an overnight road trip, I suggest you go out for the afternoon or day first and see how things go. You do need to be a little bit […]

Bluegum Country Estate in Stanford, what a lovely place!

My Mom and Dad visited from Holland over the Christmas period. They were obviously very excited to meet Rosie and spend time with us. I live in an apartment and […]

Packlist for a 2 day road trip with a 9 month old baby

When packing for a road trip with a baby, a bit of planning is required to make it for the both of you comfortable. A 9 month old baby is […]

It takes a village to raise a child

After my happy clappy blogpost of last week of how wonderful it is to have adopted this wonderful baby who eats, drinks and sleeps like a dream and what a […]