8 The Freedom of choice

On Human Rights Day I was invited to be a guest on The Taxi Radio Show with Rolene Sher. She’d invited 5 women: one had a child when she was […]

6 Patience waits…

I’m not going to lie to you. Today I wish I’d never started a blog about anything. Today I wish I could hide away from the world. What was I […]

5 A bit of anxiety

I left for Johannesburg last week Saturday. Before visiting the orphanage on the 5th of March I still have quite a busy program. When I packed on Friday, I had […]

4 Having a good good laugh…

I was just reading my other blogposts and I see I haven’t introduced myself properly. Better late than never, here we go. My name is Jessy Lipperts, originally from the […]

3 Bit of a frustrating week…

Last week was a bit frustrating. I’m very excited that through my church I’ve been put in touch with a baby home in Johannesburg. But I also learned very quickly […]

2 Adoption application approved – now what’s next?

On 24th of January I received the very happy news that my application had been approved. Like I said in my 1st blogpost, I can now expect a phone call […]

1 Adoption, where to begin..

Adoption has somehow always been on my mind. I was always aware of the many children who need a home and I never felt the need to be pregnant. To […]