Ok, now I got myself into trouble. Little Rosie came into my life on the 5th of December and I have not written one single word since then. May I please use the excuse that I’m having way too much fun with the precious little baby and that I simply did not have the time to put my thoughts and feelings on paper. Let me try to tell you all in a nutshell

Since 20 September I knew that a biological mom had picked my profile. But that were all the details I had. I had no idea when the baby was born and how long I would still have to wait. Biological moms have 2 months to reconsider and normally the social worker will not tell you anything until those 2 months are almost over but in my case they told me earlier because I was planning a business trip end of November. Although I was very excited, I was also very aware of those 2 months and tried to temper my enthusiasm a bit. Gosh it is actually so difficult now to get back all those memories and think of how and when things exactly happened.

I was in doubt whether to go to Barcelona or not but Bianca, the adoption social worker, advised to just go on the trip and keep living my life. They would plan around that if need be.

Mid-October I then got the email where the adoption agency wanted to meet up with me and go through the babies’ details. 15th of November we had that meeting and I saw the first picture of what soon would be my child. She was so beautiful! Such a happy smiling baby. Wow!! Totally overwhelmed of course and no idea what to do first. I just had this picture frame in my bag and showed everyone that this was going to be my daughter on the 5th of December. I needed lunch.

I still went to the trade show in Barcelona but my brain was not really there as you can imagine. What was nice that I also planned a couple of days in Holland with my family. It was the last time that I would travel by myself. Lots of shopping happening and I had a very special evening with my girlfriends in Amsterdam.

My friend had pastries with pictures of little Rosie, so cute!!

My friend had pastries with pictures of little Rosie, so cute!!

Most of them already have children and I got to see a very different side of them. The support was just wonderful and people have been so incredibly generous. Friends of my mom, friends of friends, strangers, everyone got excited about little baby Lipperts. The picture on the pastries was the first picture I got from little Rosie. It was a bit strange to then eat it/her…I’d never seen this before and thought it was the cutest thing ever.