Dawsons Lodge Lunch

Dawsons Lodge Lunch

Here you see Rosie on a DIY high chair. It’s a sort of fabric bag which you can attach around the back of a chair. This way you can create a high chair on almost each chair. The ideal is a high bar stool with a straight back so she can look out over the  table. Also nice when you go to a party. She can just be part of the crowd and you have 2 hands free for drinks and snacks. It also encourages people to interact with your baby without having to pick her up.

Rosie's Cushion Fortress

Rosie’s Cushion Fortress

I have a very small car and haven’t bought a camp cot yet because I’m not sure if it will all fit in the car. I normally ask for a cot to be put in the room but not all places can provide. I then ask for extra cushions and place them all around the bed to create a safe play area. During nap time I do the same. She will be safe this way. But be careful. Once your baby is strong enough the push the cushions it is not so safe anymore. Then look for chairs in the room and put them against the side of the bed so she can’t fall out.

Play time at the pooldeck

Play time at the pool deck

You can’t have enough towels, blankets and other soft things. Create a play area in a shady spot while you lie on a lazy chair and keep an eye on your baby. It’s great to give them so much space because they feel they can explore.

Ergo Baby Carrier

Ergo Baby Carrier, Kambaku Lodge

The Ergo Baby Carrier is comfortable BUT not ideal for single parents because you need a 2nd person to attach the strap in the back…. I didn’t know this before I bought it so it’s a bit of a bummer but while on holiday with the entire family I always had someone around to help me. You can also carry your baby on the back when you go hiking and it has a hood in case she falls asleep. Very comfortable up to 20 kg!

Breakfast at Bucklers Africa

Breakfast at Bucklers Africa

The Maxi-Cosi is perfect and safe to carry your baby around and she can be put on the table to be part of the party (which I prefer over putting her somewhere aside) It’s fits onto Bugaboo strollers which is the 4×4 of the strollers!

on the gautrain with baby, no problem

On the Gautrain with baby, no problem

Here we go on the Gautrain from OR Tambo Airport to Sandton to meet my friend. Platforms were easy accessible, really no problem at all! The Maxi-Cosi fits on the Bugaboo stroller.

So far for handy gadgets when traveling with a baby!