First time meeting Rosie, 5 December 2012

First time meeting Rosie, 5 December 2012

It is almost 6 months ago since I welcomed little Rosie Grace into my life. A good time to write a little bit about our amazing life together. Because of course, both our lives have changed forever.

When I picked up Rosie on the 5th of December 2012 I was obviously quite nervous and as any mom-to-be I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I just knew,  I wanted to adopt this beautiful little girl and create my own Modern Family.  I had a photo from my baby-to-be and I knew a bit about her background. That was it. The 2 weeks before I had hardly slept and my shoulders and back were so incredibly tense, I could hardly move, I thought I was going to break. 6 months later I’m very happy to say that I’m smelling the roses with Rosie and that I couldn’t have wished for a more perfect baby.

Can you believe that:

–          Rosie slept for 10 hours, the first night in her new little cot and sleeps like that most of the nights

–          Rosie has traveled for 2 weeks with my family. We covered almost 2.000 km by car,  spend time on airplanes, safari trucks, bicycles and boats and she loved all of it

–          She loves all the food I’ve been giving her so far. She’s been indulging in: yoghurt and fresh fruits in the morning, Butternut/sweet potato squash, roast veggies and chicken, cooked veggies, lentils and Quinoa, banana, mango, apple, kiwi, paw paw, avocado, salmon. Let me know if you have any delicious recipes, I love to try new things.

–          I’ve been on roadtrips with Rosie, just her and me and we had a lovely time.

–          Rosie only takes power naps during the day (sometimes she surprises me with a 2 hour stint)

–          Rosie loves to be out and about.

–          Rosie has never been sick.

–          Rosie has taken all her vaccinations without any side effects.

–          Rosie never even had a nappy rash. Thank God!

–          She loves to go up Lions Head just as much as I do (we’re about to go now now..sun is out..)

So when people approach me with this melodramatic face: ‘How are things going?’ Isn’t it hard? How are you coping? Are you not tired? , I have to disappoint them because I’m actually doing quite ok and I’m loving each and every moment with my rose. Like I said, the perfect baby. I joke and say: I couldn’t have made her myself so perfect! It is because she’s adopted!

And yes, I am exhausted in the evening from working, taking care of Rosie, cooking her meals and cleaning up after her but isn’t that what I signed up for? Isn’t that what parenthood is all about? It feels good to be tired at 10pm because I had a day filled with fulfilling work and the lovely sunshine called Rosie. I don’t see how I could not cope with this. I’ve been waiting for her quite a while so I will make sure I enjoy all the time I have with her, the joyful times and from the difficult times I learn and will do better next time.