The first picture, 15 November 2012

The first picture, 15 November 2012

So besides raising a child and running a business, I’m also supposed to keep a diary of all the wonderful and funny things my child is learning and doing. Where do people find the time? In a few days it will be 11 months ago that Rosie came into my life and it just seems like yesterday. Time is running even faster than it already did before I had Rosie. So here’s a quick update of all our achievements an funny little things that I can think of at the moment.

She can walk independently since the 4th of October. Surfaces have to be very flat though because she doesn’t lift her little feet much yet. Rosie babbles a LOT and LOUDLY. I’ve recorded a few and it is very funny to hear a complete conversation but we have NO clue as to what she’s going on about. Her funny, vibrating giggle I haven’t heard for a while. I just hope she hasn’t forgotten it and that it will surface again at some point. It is not only hilarious but also quite incredible how she concentrates to get it right.

This week we’ve established that she understands the 3 languages we’re teaching her. I’m SO chuffed because I find it VERY important in this day and age in South Africa to speak some of the 11 languages. Rosie understands English, Xhosa and Dutch. Once she knows Dutch she will pick up Afrikaans very easily and once she’s fluent in Xhosa she will have an understanding of the other indigenous languages as well. She’s only 14.5 months and I can’t believe that we’re already noticing that she’s GETTING it! Wow!! For the near future we’re planning a home stay in the Eastern Cape with a Xhosa family to learn more of the culture as well. I found a lovely place near Hogsback where they can accommodate us, Elundini Backpackers. We will have language classes in the morning and Rosie can play with the kids in the afternoon. I’m looking forward!

She loves music and her little face lights up when I switch on some songs. She starts dancing. She even loves cell phones more. She goes like: Hey!!! and points she wants the phone. No fake version will do I’m afraid..

Rosie is able to play quite a bit by herself. She loves books and of course I make them available to her everywhere. She loves playing ‘Kiekeboe’, she likes to throw things on the floor and she has now started to take things from the cupboard and put them in the garbage bin, this is not so useful of course..

Rosie has been in hospital 3 times now and please dear God, let it be over now. She’s a true trouper though and that’s probably why she gets discharged to early because she doesn’t act ill at all. Although sometimes difficult, she does take her medication bravely. I hope the tight chest will disappear as she grows older. It is just always so hectic and sudden and hospital stays are never fun.

My favorite thing about Rosie is how she LOVES adventure and exploring new things. She’s been already in airplanes, trains, jeep trucks, boats, cars, bicycles and in my hiking backpack. To be continued…

What can you tell me about your child? Would love to hear the things you enjoy most and what fascinates other parents. Please do share by adding a comment.