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Q & A about adoption in South Africa

Q & A How did you go about the adoption process? I phoned Child Welfare and asked when the next introduction session was planned. I then just followed the steps […]

Adoption is an Act of Love

Giving you child up for adoption is an act of love Mothers who decide to give up their child for adoption, want what’s best for their child. They’re aware that […]

Famous adopted people, yes Nelson Mandela too!!

Some people are nervous about adoption because they think that ‘no good can come from an adopted child because they’re so damaged’. Nothing is less true which this post will […]

Cross-cultural adoption, how I go about it…

Rosie’s biological mom is Xhosa and her dad was most probably Basotho but as in many cases the dad is often ‘not-known’. I’m Dutch and live in South Africa since […]

Black or White with Kevin Costner to be released in South Africa

Black or White the movie to be released in South Africa SOON!

The movie Black or White with Kevin Costner will be released in South Africa on the 10th of April. Please follow this blog as well as the hashtag #LoveHasNoColor to […]

Enjoying a delicious lunch at Creation Wines while the kids are entertained….

A few weeks ago I went to Hermanus with a couple of other moms. Before planning the get-away we didn’t know each very well but we had in common that […]

2 myths about adoption in South Africa

One of the purposes of this web site is to educate people about adoption and take away fears which are mostly based on ignorance. You might have loads of assumptions […]

How to plan a single-parent overnight road trip with a baby?

Before planning an overnight road trip, I suggest you go out for the afternoon or day first and see how things go. You do need to be a little bit […]

It takes a village to raise a child

After my happy clappy blogpost of last week of how wonderful it is to have adopted this wonderful baby who eats, drinks and sleeps like a dream and what a […]

Smelling the roses with Rosie

It is almost 6 months ago since I welcomed little Rosie Grace into my life. A good time to write a little bit about our amazing life together. Because of […]