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5 to-do things to enjoy a comfortable flight with your baby

Traveling with a child can be stressful. There are people who don’t even try it. People always ask me: How on earth do you handle it all as a single […]

It takes a village to raise a child

After my happy clappy blogpost of last week of how wonderful it is to have adopted this wonderful baby who eats, drinks and sleeps like a dream and what a […]

She’s HERE!!!!

Ok, now I got myself into trouble. Little Rosie came into my life on the 5th of December and I have not written one single word since then. May I […]

12 Adoption support group, an adoptive mom and her 22 yr old daughter talk to us

Yesterday we had another Adoption Support group evening. These evenings are organized by Child Welfare and always take place on the last Thursday of the month. I try not to […]