A cliche but absolutely true in our case. I was a bit nervous to log-in to the dashboard of this web site because I really haven’t looked at if for almost a year. I know, awful, booh, how can I call myself a blogger??

But since being a mother, prioritizing has become very important. Income generating activities of course have priority over writing blogs, catching up on sleep have priority over writing a blog and of course spending time with Rosie is more important than writing a blog. Nevertheless, readers are always so enthusiastic when they read my posts and of course it is also a source of information about adoption, traveling as a  single mom and life in general and I love writing, I really do..

Rosie and I are really doing great!! Whereas the first year with Rosie, I was sometimes painfully quiet work wise which made me worry about my finances. However, 2014 has been an amazing year where I was blessed with the most wonderful clients who provided me with challenging but most of all very rewarding work. I LOVED 2014. It must have been my best year ever, I think, I’m pretty sure. And then of course Rosie. She’s been going to play school since the beginning of 2014 because I started to be really busy with student exchange programs which I needed to set up for an organization called Global Exploration. More about that some other time but I absolutely LOVE the projects and the work I can do with them. Creating positive ambassadors for South Africa has always been my mission but these groups they come here and have SO much to GIVE. It really is quite mind blowing. My professional highlight for 2014 was a meeting with Desmond Tutu together with one of the Global groups.

Back to Rosie. By now she’s been to The Netherlands 4 x, she’s on her 3rd passport, has seen rhino and elephant in the wild and simply is the most gorgeous child one could ever wish for. We enjoyed 2 South African road trips in 2014, one to the Eastern Cape and one in KwaZulu-Natal. Rosie babbles up a storm in English and Dutch and while singing she adds some Xhosa to the mix. Dancing gives her much joy as well as sitting behind the steering wheel in our car. For Christmas we did the adult thing and rented a beach house in Pringle Bay together with a friend and daughter. Her and Rosie are best friends.

Next week we’re off on our first road trip of 2015 and in May we fly to The Netherlands again. Today I picked up Rosie’s Dutch passport so now we can start dreaming up some exotic destinations to visit… To be continued…

Feeling a whole lot better now that I’ve finally written a piece again. Hope to get back into my ‘flow’ again. LOL!

Yours in Travel,