The Gautrain Platform

The Gautrain Platform

In March I traveled with Rosie on the Gautrain from OR Tambo to Sandton City and back. My family was about to arrive from Holland on the late KLM flight and I flew in from Cape Town. This was the perfect opportunity to meet a friend in Sandton and try to travel on the Gautrain with a baby. After we checked-in at the City Lodge OR Tambo we ventured out again. I was excited!!

I LOVE traveling by train because it is just utterly relaxing. The Gautrain experience was no different. Friendly staff assists you each step of the way. For South African standards, I guess, taking a pram onto a train is quite a weird thing to do but I thought it was perfect. My friend didn’t need to come and fetch us at OR Tambo and we could quickly just travel by train and then walk the last bit to Sandton. It was no problem to take the pram on board and we traveled in comfort. It felt as if I was traveling in Europe!

The only thing I don’t understand is that you can’t walk  from the Gautrain station to Sandton City in a covered area.. You have to walk outside on the street or maybe I just didn’t see the signage. Anyone any advice on this??

The signage at Sandton Station could improve quite a bit. When I wanted to head back to OR Tambo, it was not easy to find my way..

Fee: a 1 way ticket from OR Tambo to Sandton is R125. Check for 7 day or 35 day passes if you need to commute daily but airport transport is excluded from that.

I will definitely use the Gautrain again but first we have some European travel planned for the next couple of weeks.

What was your favorite train trip? I would love to hear from you!