1 pram

I love walking in Cape Town. Each time I walk, I discover something new. I love the interaction which can only happen when you walk. So organizing walking tours is just one of the things I would love to do more. Through a web site called www.gidsy.com it is very easy to organize your own activities and excursions and with one click you can advertise on Facebook and on Twitter. I absolutely love it so I tell everyone. Gidsy takes a 10% commission of your fee which is only reasonable.

So now that I have Rosie, I wanted to see how pramfriendly the city of Cape Town is and last week I found a victim who wanted to walk with me, Rosie and the pram. One of the walks I offer I call ‘Coffee and Culture’, so we explore Cape Town by visiting different coffee shops and of course taste wherever we want to.

We started our walk at Origin Coffee in Hudson Street in the Waterkant. Perfect coffee but service was a bit slow so it took about half an hour before we were on our way again, with pram. We crossed into the Bo-Kaap via Rose Street and made a quick stop at Haas Coffee which is another of my favourites. If parking would not be so difficult in that area, I would visit much more. (THANK GOD for public transport which is about to be launched in Cape Town). A must-stop is always Atlas Trading where you can get any spice that you can think of and my secret little hidden gem is in the Hilton Hotel… Did you know that the Hilton Hotel houses the most exquisite chocolate shop EVER? You have to check it out if you get the chance. And the good thing is, they always ask you if you would like to taste. Hmm… I NEVER say know to chocolate. www.patchi.com. I bought some lovely chocolates. Rosie and I were invited to Rosie’s first birthday party!! So exciting!! But let’s continue with the walk before I totally get into a chocolate story…

Pramwise, so far so good although some cars were parked on the pavement and we had to go onto the street. Luckily Rosie’s pram is the 4×4 of the prams (www.bugaboo.com) so we could tackle all those obstacles. Off course we were a bit of a nuisance but in general things went quite smoothly.

From the Hilton it was down Wale Street to St Georges Mall. On Thursday there’s always a lovely outdoors food market which has a great vibe (if the weather is bad they move it into Mandela Rhodes Square).

And then of course we went onto Green Market Square which has a STUNNING coffee shop inside of the church, Long Street with the luxury trailer park on top of the Grand Daddy Hotel and Church Street with the quirky markets and art galleries.

We walked back to Origin via the fan walk and then of course had a look at the Prestwich Memorial which also hosts Truth Coffee.

All in all, the walk went well. I’d planned 2 hours but think I must plan rather for 3 hours to not feel rushed and allow time to taste wherever we want to taste.