Traveling by train to Amsterdam

Traveling by train to Amsterdam

Plans were made, meticulously if I may say so. We would travel to Munich first to stay a couple of days with one of my best friends. After a long weekend of catching up in ‘Bier Gardens’ we would continue our ‘Tour d’Europe’ to Prague and Budapest. In both cities I found & booked fabulous family friendly rooms via Airbnb in close proximity to the train stations and highlights of the city. I had spend a couple of hours dreaming up travel plans, looking at maps and pictures of both cities and I felt excited.

Excited to take little Rosie on her first big trip with Mom, exploring Europe, traveling by train, bus and air planes and discovering new places. Rosie is only 1 year old so she would probably not remember any of it but I was grateful to be able to give my daughter such wonderful experiences at such an early age. I’m sure it will help her to adapt easily, to become a better person and appreciate life in general. Some feel their kids need Ipads and Playstations, I believe travel experiences are the way to go.

But then Rosie fell ill. Her lungs. Again. She breathed with much difficulty, didn’t feel like playing and her always smiley face looked so terribly sad. And of course this happened on the weekend. Our trip would only happen in a couple of weeks but the first thing that went through my mind was: I have to cancel my much desired trip. It was the most weird kind of reality check although it felt very natural, does that make sense at all? I don’t think I’ve ever cancelled a trip in my entire life. I never ever bothered to read any ‘cancellation policies’ because those didn’t apply to me anyway. And now cancelling was the only right thing to do because there was something more important than exploring new cities, which is the health of my daughter. Cancelling never felt so natural.

We will still visit our friends in Munich. We’re leaving tomorrow but Prague and Budapest will have to wait. I’m sure the cities will still be there in a couple of years. For the remaining time in The Netherlands, I have planned some day trips to Amsterdam, Maastricht and the boat from Maastricht to Liege in Belgium should be fun too. This way we can still explore new things but I feel more confident when we can stay overnight with friends or family.

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